Home office pro's and con's

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2020 sent a lot of people home. Kids and parents both found themselves working from home at some point last year. My kids are homeschooled, so they were not too much affected by all the craziness. My wife also stays home with them. As for me, my schedule is always a little crazy, so par of course there as well. But, most families had to adapt to the changes and challenges that came along with it. In fact, I expect more information will start to surface about a rise in the need for counseling as families can no longer mask relational issues with busyness. A big part of these changes is a big increase in improving space at home, including finding space for a home office. Many colonial homes have a front room that traditional was a formal living room, but has become a popular spot for a home office. 

2020 gave us noisy backgrounds.  I'm sure I am not a lone with various experiences of speaking to customer service people or other businesses with hearing kids in the background. It's become normal and acceptable if there's some background noise. In my line of work, I can take calls at any time of any day. I used to dart off into some quiet place to take a call. Now, I don't even concern myself with the background noise. At the same time the noise does represent the challenge that comes along with this whole working from home thing. I haven't looked into it, but I can imagine there are a ton of funny stories from people having things in the background of business calls.

That is distraction runs wild. It's all the more important to have the most important aspects of your business time blocked. With selling homes regularly, it is important for me to remember that my clients do not buy or sell homes very often at all, so they need my reassurance of the process. When I am busy, it's important that I time block my follow up calls with each client to make sure they don't feel in the dark.

It's also important to still have a dedicated place to work. A place that keeps your mind in the right place and allows you to be productive. To be focused on your goals and to have enthusiasm about your goals are hard to achieve with all the distraction that can take place at home. There can also be distraction in a workplace, so the key is still your own drive and focus, no matter where you are working.