Is a distressed home making you depressed?!

Real Estate

Who should take a cash offer?

I wrote a blog post a couple weeks ago where I attempted to explain these offers you see online and stapled to telephone poles that claim to buy your house in 7 days. I get connected with people every week that respond to an ad online for cash offers. The first question I ask is "what condition is your house in?" Many people just don't realize that all of these people/companies offering to pay cash in a week or two are hoping to make a profit. So, if your house is in great shape and nothing is causing you to need a quick close, then it's probably not for you.

I don't want to be pressured? 

You just need to call the right company. How can someone who wants your house as an investment also protect your interest? Well, let's be real... that is tricky. The best scenario, in my opinion, is to have a licensed Realtor evaluate the home. Not just any Realtor, but one who can pay cash, but also does a good retail business. That happens to be my specialty, but don't think I am biased. Think about it; you can get a cash offer AND a market analysis to let you know what you could expect on the open market! Get the full spectrum of options, then you can make an informed decision. You need information. What you don't need is someone trying to sell you on an idea that suites them! 


Who is Property Menders and how can they help me? 

Property Menders does just what they are called. They are willing to take on a property that has been left go and mend it back into a great new home! No more mowing or worrying about what's happening to the home while it sits empty. You can just pull the cash out now and utilize it somewhere that makes more sense for you! Even if you are just kicking the idea around, give us a call. You can set up an appointment to have the home evaluated and receive a cash offer for your home. You can also have a market analysis so you have an idea of what you could sell the home for on the market!