Modular or Manufactured Housing?

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Modular or Manufactured Housing?

Mobile homes are now called “manufactured” homes. The Manufactured Housing Institute defines a manufactured home as "a single-family house constructed entirely in a controlled factory environment, built to the federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, better known as the HUD Code" with a permanent chassis for transportability.

Like manufactured houses, modular homes are built in a factory and quality inspected every step of the way. Unlike manufactured homes, the pieces (“modules”) of the house are transported to the building site where they are put together by a local building contractor, and they have no chassis or wheels. Also, modulars must conform to building codes in your specific location. In many ways modular homes are more well constructed because of the controlled environment. 

Just like with new construction, there are different quality of builds. Some modular homes are built very economically. Even though they are still built to current building code, it is obvious that they are modular, even from the outside. From the inside they may have very cheap cabinets and the dead give away is 7' ceilings. 

However, there are also very high end modular homes that no one could distinguish from a home that was built on site. I have been in one that was worth over 1 Million dollars with loads of upgrades!! The only way I knew was because the Real Estate Agent told me. Modular homes in many cases can be a more sturdy construction because they need to be built in such a was as to be able to lift them into place with a crane. Another good example of a very well built modular home, check out my listing at 6199 Lincoln Highway West.

That home is a good example of one that is more well constructed and indistinguishable from a home built on site. 8' Ceilings, fireplace, Master suite, crown molding, vaulted ceiling, and full walk-out basement. 

So, don't believe any the myths or be confused by terminology regarding Manufactured, Modular, and homes built-on-site!