Sparrow Place Has a Nest

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I love this artwork that was donated to Sparrow Place for an auction event earlier this year. It did not drive nearly high enough of a price as what it is worth. The artist grew up with her father affectionally referring to their home as the "nest," a place of refuge and safety. I love that! It fits so well with the mission of Sparrow Place. It was recently announced that we now have a house.... nest!!



Now that the home has been acquired, we are making all the preparations for the first Human Trafficking Survivors to take refuge there. It's estimated that 85% of women in the commercial sex industry want out, but have no way of getting out. Imagine being stuck in such a horrible world with no hope. Well, hope has come to our area for the first time for these women. God has really brought the pieces together to make this happen. There are women out there right now, who's lives are about to be completely changed and given a whole new chance at life thanks to God and a great team of people He is using to make it possible. 

There are a couple bigger projects like adding a half bath upstairs and egress windows for basement bedrooms. But, its mostly cosmetic changes to provide something really nice for these women. We won't just provide a roof, but a really nice home. 


Next Steps:

The board meets tonight to discuss how we are moving forward. We have the material lists and are organizing potential volunteers to do the work. The support from the community has been amazing thus far! The sooner we get it done, the sooner these women get out of that life. We will be looking for donors to sponsor rooms and to sponsor the women.  Sponsoring a room will create a budget for us to make the home really nice. We don't want the home to just be filled with functional items that came second hand. Sponsoring a room will provide couches, tables, chairs, dishes, washer/dryer, T.V., dressers, beds, mattresses, and so on. Sponsoring a survivor will supply for their own brand new set of sheets, pillows, toiletries, and towels. More information will be available soon. Feel free to reach out to me or Sparrow Place directly if you are interested in any sponsorships. 


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