The Hive coffee shop in Dover

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AWESOME PLACE ALERT!! The Hive. This new coffee shop and cafe has great coffee, food and environment!! Sorry Starbucks, but I just love a local place like this over a chain. York has been lacking a nice coffee shops, until now! There is also Ironic, a coffee shop downtown that is unique and has a great atmosphere too. This is the first one that I'm aware of outside the city. It is at the intersection of Canal Road and Bull Road in Dover. Walk inside The Hive onto the honey comb tile floor, honey yellow walls and enjoy a cup of the human nectar of life, coffee! The food is awesome too. I've had two of their sandwiches so far and they are very very good! They are constructing what looks like an outside space to enjoy for next year too. I saw one other one off the market street exit of I83 that I want to try. Looks like it has potential. I think it's a tough location though.Ā