When you are on vacation and in real estate

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Real Estate

Realtors who do a lot of business just can't step away for a week. For those who think that realtors have an easy life because their lifestyle seems strange, well you are half right.... it is strange and here's why


1. Buyer Demands

If I leave for a week, no matter what time of year, I have at least a couple buyers looking for houses. I can't just leave them hanging, but I also don't want to just give away my clients to another agent. First of all, I've had the relationship and I would like to be with them through the end, just from a relationship standpoint. So, I end up getting another agent to cover the showings for me. If the buyer likes a house, then I need to be the one to write it up for them, submit it and negotiate it. I can't stop this from happening while I'm on vacation unless the buyer and I agree that it's ok if they miss a house that they'd really love. Yea, that's not cool. 


2. Listing Demands

I typically have a handful of active listings. It's not fulfilling my obligation as a fiduciary to tell all my sellers that I need to put all their marketing and showings on hold so that I can go on vacation. Agents my have issues at my listing or have questions, buyers may be inquiring, and I may get offers that need to be presented and negotiated. Pretty straightforward, I need to be available and engaged.  


3. Escrow Demands

I also have transactions under contract through out the year. Even when slow, I have at least one to three pending contracts at any given time. I certainly don't want those to not close because I was on vacation either. I need to make sure that my clients know what they need to do, deal with home inspections, appraisals, walk-throughs, repairs, reviewing closing documents, and coordinating settlement. 


But I love it!!

I love what I do. I love the variety of people, properties, and circumstances that I am involved in. I thrive off of the problem solving, conflict management, and negotiations. I continue learning and growing. The fact that I have to keep things rolling on vacation is ok with me because I love what I do. I don't let it dominate my life because I love my family too. The balancing act is part of the lifestyle and that's not a bad thing.